Thank you for the opportunity to submit a proposal for the redesign of the MiniRaq website.

Working together, we believe we can create a site that is simple to navigate and has a professional yet welcoming design.

Based on our previous discussions on the phone and in email, we have identified and listed below the Needs and Solutions that we will want to address in this project.


MiniRaq needs an updated website to reach out to the community and also to serve and support the MiniRaq clients and salesforce.

Furthermore, MiniRaq needs a website that can be maintained by MiniRaq employees, without the necessity to regularly employ Buzzhive Marketing to make changes (unless that the best fit for and requested). The MiniRaq employee needs to be able to add and revise both text and photos and add additional pages if necessary.


Buzzhive Marketing will provide MiniRaq with a fresh new web design (matching their current branding via their current print collateral) that is easy to navigate and provides useful information to current subscribers. The design will also convey to potential subscribers that MiniRaq is a professional, reliable company.

The design will integrate the current printed branding so it will maintain a familiar look to current subscribers, but will at the same time show them that MiniRaq is improving its web presence in order to serve them better.

All products will be available for purchase online with all current features, add-ons, etc.

The website will also include a membership protected portal for the outside salesforce that includes marketing and other resources.


  • Build a fully responsive eCommerce Website on the WordPress Platform
  • Allow customers to shop and search products by categories (i.e. racks, accessories, kits)
  • Calculate applicable taxes on orders*
  • Sales Reporting
  • Ability to add or remove products to the store
  • Ability for customers to download spec sheets and product info pdf documents
  • Ability to provide customers with promo codes, discounts, and product sales
  • Provide and calculate shipping rates through FedEx and UPS API, based on weight, size, and ability to combine or ship products separately based on specified logic*
  • Ability to integrate MailChimp for newsletter – This is included in the $880 Marketing Package*
  • Real-time payment processing (Shopify offers payment processing at 2.9% + 0.30 for each transaction. You may choose to use a different payment processing; however, it will require an additional payment processing integration cost and Shopify will charge 2% per order placed.)
  • Ability to place orders over the phone for customers

Distributor/Wholesale Requirements:

  • All the above requirements with the ability to offer distributors wholesale pricing
  • Ability to give distributors a fixed % off every product or different % dependent on product category

      Content Management System

      Central to the new design from Buzzhive Marketing will be a robust Content Management System (CMS) that will allow MiniRaq to make changes easily to the website, without requiring a dedicated workstation or additional software.  Not only will the CMS save MiniRaq website revision costs but it will also ensure that the website stays fresh and up to date.

      Website Organization

      The new design will contain existing information found at and in the current printed marketing collateral.  The CMS allows for as many pages as necessary, without incurring additional cost beyond the original design and landing pages fee that can be managed by MiniRaq.


      Preliminary Design

      Working in conjunction with MiniRaq, Buzzhive Marketing will provide a preliminary design concept for the new website based on the current print collateral.  That design concept will include the basic layout, color palette, font choices, etc.

      MiniRaq can, at that point, request one round of design revisions within the scope of the Fee Schedule (see below). If more revisions are deemed necessary at that point by MiniRaq, the work will be done at our hourly rate of $50. (This is rarely necessary, especially for a simple website project such as this, but if necessary will be discussed fully before any fees are assessed.)

      Integration of Content Management System

      Once the design is approved, then Buzzhive Marketing will incorporate the Content Management System into the design.


      Buzzhive Marketing will provide video tutorials, specific to the new MiniRaQ website, showing how to use the Content Management System.


      When MiniRaQ has finished incorporating all the content they wish to have at launch, they will ask Buzzhive Marketing to move the website from the development sub-directory to the main root level of the domain, thereby making the site go live. Congratulations!

      Fee Summary

      Website Design and Setup


      work with client to create a custom website interface – layout, colors, and fonts

      set up website architecture and navigation system implement nameplate/logo placement and design create website mirror for beta testing purpose and to integrate content management system.

      Using the webpage template developed during the initial design phase, this includes integration of the main landing pages into site architecture and navigation.


        Website Hosting

        As a marketing client*, your hosting is included.  $0

        Fee Schedule

        If MiniRaQ wishes Buzzhive Marketing to go forward with the project, here is the schedule for

        payments of the fee:

        50% website design deposit due upon acceptance of the proposal before work commences

        50% deposit due in order to launch website

        Buzzhive Marketing will launch the website when requested.  When the site has been made live, your new marketing package* will begin immediately.

        *As an $880/month marketing client, you receive (on a monthly basis) everthing included in that package found here:

        The $880 fee will be automatically charged every month to the card provided upon proposal here, again, once the the new website design is launched.

        This also entitles you to additional marketing support such as the mentioned printed flyer updates and additions.


        Marketing Packages

        Cancellation of monthly recurring marketing packages must be done in writing with 30 days notice.


        Cancellation of monthly recurring website subscriptions, including domain and web hosting must be done in writing with 30 days notice.  Website files and database can be made available for download and transfers can be made for a $200 fee.  Website will not be available online upon cancellation.  If you have received a ‘free website’ or discounted price as part of your marketing package and choose to cancel marketing prematurely, you will be placed on a the standard website design plan for the remainder of your initial 6 months ($50/month).

        Website initial deposits are non-refundable.


        Any prepaid arrangements for monthly subscriptions, whether predetermined in Buzzhive Packages (ie. DIY Packages) or by client’s request, will be considered as an agreement to continue work for that set time.  


        Terms and Conditions

        Once project fee is paid in full to Buzzhive Marketing any elements of text, graphics, photos, contents, trademarks, or other artwork furnished to MiniRaQ for inclusion in website are owned by MiniRaQ.

        Buzzhive Marketing assumes MiniRaQ has permission from the rightful owner to use any images or design elements that are provided by MiniRaQ for inclusion in the website, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend Buzzhive Marketing from any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements.

        Buzzhive Marketing retains the right to display graphics and other Web content elements as examples of their work in their portfolio and as content features in other projects. Buzzhive Marketing also retains the right to place a discreet text link at the bottom of the website page(s).

        The agreement contained in this contract constitutes the sole agreement between Sample

        Company and the Buzzhive Marketing regarding all items included in this agreement.

        Next Steps

        To proceed with this project, MiniRaQ is required to take the following steps:

        Accept the proposal “as is” or discuss desired changes. Please note that changes to the scope of the project can be made at any time, but additional charges may apply.

        Submit initial payment of 50% of total web design project fee.

        Once these steps have been completed we will begin the project.


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